by Siobhan Gallagher


Under the Lamppost by The DIY Publisher

Under the Lamppost by The DIY Publisher

Freena stood on the street corner under a lamplight, half in shadow half in light. She waited for the young man to cross her path before sticking a sexy leg out. The man sized her up, a hunger in his eyes. She was hungry too. For blood.

They walked back to her place, a little apartment in a dilapidated building. When the man was good and settled on her bed, she whipped out her fangs, followed by a vampiric hiss.

The man leapt to his feet. “Ha! Vampire, you have met you match, for I am a--” He opened his jacket to reveal rows of wooden stakes. “Vampire hunter extraordinaire!”

“How unfortunate for you,” Freebie said, and pulled a raw steak from her boot. “I’m a vampire hunter hunter.”

The man looked lustfully at the steak, but shook himself free of temptation. He then grabbed an elephant gun from his jacket and aimed it at her. “I’m a hunter of hunters as well.”

She scoffed at the gun. “Bullets have no effect on me. I’m also a ghost” --and she took on a transparent hue, and floated in the air.

“Like that’ll make a difference.” The man took an oblong box from his jacket pocket. “I’m a psychic-medium ghost hunter with an expertise in shinning. I can use this box to trap your soul inside.”

“I’m a soulless ghost. A ghost of a demon to be exact.”

“Good.” He took out a piece of chalk and started drawing a hexagram on the floor. “I’m also in expert in demonology.”

“Except I’m a soulless ghost vampire demon from another planet” --and green antennas protruded from her forehead.

“I’ve got a Gate Star for that.” The man changed his hexagram to another design, which tore a warp hole in the floor.

“I didn’t finish,” Freeto said, growing larger, greener, and more tentaclely. “I am the great Cthulhu himself.”

She burst threw several ceilings, cause the entire building to collapse around her. However, the man still stood--except he look a lot less like a man…

“We knew we would find you one day, Cthulhu.” The man split into several hovering starfish-creatures. “Or have you forgotten your old nemesis, the Elder Ones? Now back to the sea with you!”

Cthulhu gurgled a laugh. “Can you really trap the all consuming void under a mere ocean?” --and with that, dissolved into pitch black nothingness.

“Fool! For we are anti-void!” --and the Elder Ones became pitch whiteness.

“Wait--can void and anti-void coexist on the same plane of existence?” asked the void.

“Probably not,” replied the anti-void.

And the universe collapsed in on itself.


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Twisty © 2014 Siobhan Gallagher
Under the Lamppost © 2014 The DIY Publisher