Issue 5 – May 2013

The Hive by Athina Saloniti

The Hive by Athina Saloniti

Table of Contents

Ecdysis by Nino Cipri
Spiders, Centipedes, & Holes by Cat Rambo
The Space Between by Lew Andrada
Silent Drops of Crimson and Gold Rain by Pam L. Wallace
The Lonely Barricade at Dawn by Jesse William Olson
Jeanette’s Feast by Michelle Ann King
B. by Nicola Belte

Editors’ Note:

Hello and welcome, Good Readers. We at the esteemed (by some) Journal of Unlikely Entomology are delighted to be celebrating the start of our third year in existence. As always, we thank you, Dear Readers, for joining us on this journey. After all, where would our publication be without dedicated eyes to consume it? We are also immensely grateful to the authors and artists whose works have graced our pages over the years, and for all those who have sent work our way. We hope you will all join us in raising a glass to this momentous occasion. The first (entirely virtual) round is on us. Within the digital pages of Issue 5 (which is, by some counts, our 7th issue), you will find stories of struggle and resistance – whether it be the mysterious cosmic strivings between spiders and centipedes, the struggle against loss and personal demons, individuals standing up to a government, or standing up to their family members, these are all stories of people (and insects) who fight for what they believe in. Thank you once again for joining us, and we hope you will enjoy these tales of struggle on scales both large and small.

Cover Art The Hive by Athina Saloniti