Issue 4 — November 2012

Moth by Katie Rose Pipkin

Moth by Katie Rose Pipkin

Table of Contents

The Famous Fabre Fly Caper by M. Bennardo
The Candy Aisle by Joanne Merriam
In Your Own Backyard by Michael D. Winkle
Invasives by Sunny Moraine
Deep, Dark by Jonathan Maberry

Editors’ Note:

Dear readers, it is our pleasure to welcome you to our fourth issue. We are now well passed the anniversary marking our first year in existence as the premier publication of fiction and art peculiarly devoted to bugs (or so we assume, not knowing of any other such specialized publications). As such, we can only assume after a year of existence, you may expect more of us. Shame on us if we do not deliver! Deliver we must, and deliver we do in this most diverse (well-rounded? capricious?) issue.

Here, should you care to delve deep, you may find a theme of cunning and strategy. Military encounters of an insectile nature! Many-legged creatures avoiding capture through their skill at evasion! A daring heist carried out in broad daylight! What more could you ask from those inclined to connive and scheme? There are, of course, quiet moments, too — moments of terrifying stillness, with sounds on the edge of hearing, and moments filled with self-reflection and stark realization.

We do hope you will enjoy these tales of daring and cleverness. And the moments of dread hush, too. Whatever your tastes — for adventure, or quiet contemplation — we thank you for joining us once again, and hope you will join us for many issues to come. After all, the varied tales of insect kind number more than the legs of a centipede… And we invite you to experience each and every one.

Cover Illustration 
Moth by Katie Rose Pipkin