Award Eligible Works 2016

Award season has kicked off with the opening of the nomination period for the Nebula Awards. As a handy reference guide, here’s what Unlikely Story published in 2016.

Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix is eligible as a whole in the anthology category for awards that have such a category (Stoker, World Fantasy, This is Horror, etc.). The individual stories in the anthology are also available in the Short Story category for most major awards, except for the following five stories, which were originally published in 2015: Five Things Every Successful Clown Must Do, Perfect Mime, A Million Tiny Ropes, Everyone’s a Clown, Break the Face in the Jar By the Door. All the other stories in the collection are eligible.

All the stories which appeared in our Unlikely Observances Issue are also eligible in the shory story (or equivalent) category for most awards, and are free to read online.

The Death of Chaos by anne m. gibson

Old Customs by Rajiv Moté

The City & The Man; The Man & The City by Joshua A. Dilk

Little Government Gets Us Nowhere by Rhonda Eikamp

“Fear Death by Water” by Arkady Martine

Ship of Fools by Heather Morris

Burning Day by Charles Payseur

That’s what we did in 2016. Thanks for reading!

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