Girl With Guitar Study

Girl With Guitar Study by Kim Gauge

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Kim Gauge’s lifelong passion for art began at the early age of five when he would pick up bits of discarded sandstone dumped outside a foundry near his school, and would sculpt busts of people out of them with a kitchen knife. From there he quickly moved onto drawing portraits of people and animals, and by his mid-teens was painting with oils. Largely self-taught, Kim draws his inspiration from many sources, but his main influences continue to be the great painters such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, William Turner, Francis Bacon and Frank Frazetta, who first sparked his interest in science fiction and fantasy art. In the past, he has exhibited with the Art Society of Parramatta, and won first place for painting and drawing at the University of Technology Sydney in 1991. In the late nineties he taught himself to play the guitar, and began to write and produce his own music that finally culminated in the release of his first single called Control, under the artist name of Epitaph Road.
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