And now announcing: the Unlikely Story PDF subscription

Two bits of news: First of all, the PDF of Issue 8, The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography, is now completed. It contains all the stories and artwork of the web version, as well as some bonus materials, like author interviews, bringing it to 120 pages. It’s also formatted such that if printed in spreads, there’s a little extra space on the interior margin for the benefit of handcrafters who want to play with bookbinding.

Secondly, we’re changing our distribution model. Rather than putting it up online for people to download for free, we’re offering free email subscriptions. Why are we doing this? To help build up a consistent readership, rather than relying on people to remember to come visit us every few months.

What does a subscription entail? Pretty simple: we will send you an email telling you that an issue is available online when it publishes on the web. The PDF is usually done around a week later, and we will email that to you as well. That means you’ll get somewhere between 6 and 10 emails from us each year. We will never sell or distribute or otherwise let other use the list, and we will never spam you.

Of course, I was too busy actually designing the layout to get the mail system set up and a mailing list created, so for now, if you want to receive Unlikely Story in your inbox FOR FREE, just send us an email at unlikelystory (at) We’ll send you the current issue, and when the list is set up, we’ll add you to it to receive future issues.


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